About me .....

About me .....

Well there's not really much to say . My name is Sandra and I'm a UK Scooter fan.

I am happily married, a mother of two adult sons, and among the older Scooter fans.

I first heard of Scooter when The Logical Song was a hit in the UK. My youngest son thought it was great and kept playing it all the time - the video was also on the music channels a lot - at that stage I was not really impressed, and thought Scooter were some "one hit wonder" or something like that, I am now somewhat ashamed to admit that!

When the Encore DVD was released in 2002 I decided I had to see this band live once in my life! .. but it didn't quite work out like that!

I planned my first trip to a concert in December 2003, for the 10th Anniversary concert in Hamburg, unfortunately this was cancelled due to injury, and rescheduled for early 2004. I first saw Scooter live in Berlin in January 2004, and have been going to concerts ever since. I love the music, and the live concerts are incredible!!

I also have amassed a very large Scooter collection over the years, with releases from around the world, publicity fliers, autograph cards etc, which is detailed on this site. I'm not sure if its the biggest, but I don't personally know of anyone with a larger overall collection of Scooter "stuff"..

Pictures below are from my second and most recent concerts - Hamburg Feb 2004 and Helsinki Nov 2018 ..... more to come!!!

Contact me - sandrad45@hotmail.com

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