2004 - Diary of a Scooter fan
(or how I became addicted to the point I will queue for 14 hours In the rain to be in the front row)

This is my record of an interesting year for me as a Scooter fan and traveling to concerts to see Scooter - how I became sort of ‘addicted’.

Before 2004 I had never traveled anywhere alone, and was rather frightened at the thought of doing so, but my son had the Encore DVD, which I just loved, and the atmosphere at the Concert in Koln looked so great that I decided I had to be there to experience it ....

...................just once......... (of course - once was impossible)!!

Berlin - January 2004
Hamburg - February 2004
St Polten (Vienna) - July 2004
Utendorf - the concert that wasn't
Berlin - October 2004
A mini fan meeting in London
Oldenburg - December 2004
Hamburg - December 2004

Its been a good year for me - in which I’ve learnt a lot, traveled a lot, and had a great year - so thank to all of you I have encountered in one way or another this year, either in person or ‘virtually’.
I hope to meet more of you next year, and of course meet those I know again soon.
2005 - Diary of a Scooter fan
(The continuing Story)
Hamburg - February 2005
Hannover - March 2005
Prague - May 2005
Budapest - May 2005
2006 - WGTLLN Tour
Hannover and Berlin March 2006
Vienna and Mannhiem March 2006
Bremen and Hamburg March 2006
Dusseldorf - The Dome - December 2006
Leipzig - Lass Uns Tanzen Club Tour
Grenaa - Denmark - July 2007
2008 - 2016
(The Never Ending Story)

This entry includes:
London March 2008,
Clubland Live Birmingham March 2008;
Karlsruhe, Hamburg and Berlin March / April 2008; Berlin August 2008; Bochum September 2008; Glasgow November 2008; Birmingham December 2008; Bielefeld December 2008; Haapsalu July 2009;
Under The Radar Over The Top Tour Koln, Hamburg, Berlin and Leipzig March 2010;
Berlin September 2010,
Clubland live Glasgow Oct 2010
The Stadium Techno Inferno Hamburg June 2011
Big Mash Up Tour, Berlin April 2012, Hamburg 2012, London May 2012
20th Anniversary Concert Hamburg Dec 2013
20 Years of Hardcore Tour Liepzig, Berlin and Hamburg 2014
Cant Stop the Hardcore Tour 2016, Hamburg, Berlin, London March 2016

2018 - ????
(It's good to be back!!!!
100% Scooter - Helsinki November 2018
100% Scooter - Paris November 2018
100% Scooter - Hannover, Dortmund & Bremen December 2018