It Started in 1994........
(a brief history of Scooter)

Well - it really started some time before that - but for Scooter as we know it 1994 was real the beginning, but it was in 1993 that Rick, H.P., Ferris and Jens first started working together. - in 1993 H.P. started working at Edel Records and met Jens Thele, Rick built his first recording Studio at his home in Hanover and in the Summer of 1993 Rick, H.P., Jens and Ferris Bueller (H.P.'s cousin) formed the remix team The Loop.

The Loop released various remixes for acts including Adeva, Holly Johnson, Tag Team, RuPaul, Marky Mark feat. Prince Ital Joe etc. and became one of the top remix teams in Germany.

1994 - In February the first Scooter single "Vallée De Larmes" was released. At this time Scooter was only intended to be a "project". however Vallée went to number 8 in the German Dance charts.

The first live appearance of Scooter was at the 'Palladium' in Hamburg in April . Scooter performed Vallée de Larmes, Cosmos and a (at that time) instrumental techno track on which H.P. spontaneously started MCing to during the show. 'Hyper Hyper' was born and Scooter changed from being a project to a band.

Band members: H.P. Baxxter (Hans-Peter Geerdes), Rick J. Jordon (Hendrik Stadler) and Ferris Bueller (Sören Bühler). Jens Thele became the band's manager.

Hyper Hyper was orginally released as a single in May 1994, but then re-released in August with remixes, and this release went to number 2 in the German charts, and, with 700,000 copies sold, went "platinum".

Although Vallée De Larmes was the first Scooter single release, it is often excluded from discographies, and Hyper Hyper is usually viewed as the first Scooter single.

Ferris, Rick, H.P.

In March 1995 "Move Your Ass" was released, and went to number 3 in the German charts.Later that year "Friends" and "Endless Summer" were released. In October 1995 "Move You Ass" debuted in the British charts, where it reached number 23 in the British charts..

In August 1995 the band moved from Hannover to Hamburg, and the studio they used until earlier this year (2006) in Bramfeld.

In December "Back In The UK" is released, and reached number 5 in Germany; this track debuted in the British charts in February 1996 and reached number 18 in the UK charts.

In 1995 Scooter also produced a remix of " Do The Right Thing" by Shahin & Simon - "Simon" of Shanin & Simon is Michael Simon who has recently become the 4th member of Scooter.

In 1996 the band released theit second album, "Our Happy Hardcore", and their first video, "Happy Hardcore Clips". Later in the year they release their third album, "Wicked"

Singles released in 1996 are "Let Me Be Your Valentine", "Rebel Yel"l, "I'm Raving", and in December "Break It Up" is released, and becomes the first "techno-ballard" in histrory. Rebel Yell debuted in the UK charts in May 1996, and reached a position of 30; I'm Raving reached 33 in the UK charts in October 1996.

In 1997 the band met Axel Coon, a Hamburg-based DJ, and took him on the help Rick in the studio. In April
"'Fire" is released and Scooter become the first techno band to use a metal guitar riff. The single enters the German charts at number 6 and Scooter get a gold disc for the 250,000 singles sold. Fire reached number 45 in the UK charts in May 1997.

"The Age of Love" single was released, and the video won an award. The 'Age Of Love' tour was the band´s first indoor arena tour. After the tour, Scooter released 'No Fate'. Towards the end of the year "Rough And Tough And Dangerous - The Singles 94-98" was released as the first look back on Scooter´s career.

In May 1998, while the band were working on the production of "How Much is The Fish" Ferris left the band to concentrate on a solo career, and Axel Coon, who had been working with the band became the new third member - the Second Chapter had begun......
"How Much is the Fish" was the First single released with the new line-up, followed by a "We Are The Greatest/I Was Made For Loving You", a double a-side. and "No Time To Chill" was the first album of the Second Chapter, released in July 1998. In December the Limited Edition of No Time To Chill was released.

In January and February1999 the band embarked on their "No Time To Chill" tour.

Singles released in 1999 were "FasterHarderScooter", "Call Me Manana"and "Fuck The Millennium"

In September the band release their sixth album 'Back To The Heavyweight Jam', which reached number 7 in Germany - this album becomes Scooter´s first gold-selling album in Germany. In December the single 'Fuck The Millennium' was one of the most-played songs at New Year´s Eve parties across Europe.


In 2000 single releases were "She's The Sun" and "I'm Your Pusher" (a track that the band now do not like). The album "Sheffield" was also released.

Scooter were awarded a 'Comet' at the 2000 VIVA Comet Awards in the Most Successful Dance Act category. And in September and October 2000 The 'Sheffield Tour 2000' was a success.

2001 saw the release of the singles "Posse", "Aiii Shot The DJ" and "Ramp!" In June 2001 the band released their 9th album, "We Bring The Noise"

In 2002 the band released their second 'Best Of' album entitled 'Push The Beat For This Jam (The Second Chapter)'. Axel Coon leaves the band to concentrate fully on his DJ projects in the future. Jay Frog, who has already released a single ('Pushin´) on Kontor Records, joins the band in February 2002.

In March the band release their 23rd single, "Nessaja", which is their first single to reach the Number 1 position in the German charts. In May "Encore" their first DVD is released, along with a live album of the same name, recorded during the "Push The Beat For This Jam" tour, the concert on the DVD was recorded in Koln on 21st January 2002.

In 2002, Scooter, along with other dance music acts, formed "Dance United" and recorded a charity single, "Reach Out" to raise money to help the victims of flooding in Germany.

In 2002 Ramp was realeased as "The Logical Song" in the UK, and reached number 2 in the UK charts, and went "gold", selling in excess of 400,000 copies it was Scooters biggest success in the UK. Nessaja and Posse were also released in the UK in 2002, and acheived chart positions 4 and 15 respectively.

In March 2003 Scooter won the highest award in the German music industry the "Echo 2003", for the single 'Nessaja''.

In 2003 Scooter released four singles, "Weekend", "The Night", "Maria" and "Jigga Jigga"; and the first album of the third chapter, The Stadium Techno Experience. "Weekend" reached number 12 in the UK charts; "The Night " reached number 16 in the UK charts, and Maria also reached number 16 in the UK charts.

In January and Febuary 2004 Scooter were on tour again - the 'We Like It Loud!' tour, during which Scooter celebrated their tenth anniversary in over 20 cities. The tenth anniversary concert was in Hamburg in February 2004, and was recorded and first released as a download from, and later released as a CD on the Du Luxe Edition of Mind The Gap later in the year. Also, early in 2004 the band's web site '' was re-launched.

In February the band picked up the highest award in the European music industry in the category 'Dance Act National', for the second time; the 'Echo 2004'. In March the band started on the national qualifiers for the European Song Contest with "Jigga Jigga" and ended up in second place in ther German qualifiers.

2004 single release were One!(Always Hardcore) and Shake That!, and the album Mind The Gap was released in 3 versions - Basic, Regular and De Luxe, the deluxe containing the recording og the 10th Anniversary Concert.

In March 2005, as part of the "Help Asia" charity appeal to help the victims if the Boxing Day Tsunami in Asia, Scooter gave a gold disc, "Push The Beat For This Jam" to the appeal to be auctioned on eBay, the disc raised 2,500 Euros for the appeal, and went to a good home in England! Dance United was also reformed at this time, and released the chartiy single "Help Asia"

On September 9th 2005 - the band made their first appearance in the USA, in Chicago. Whilst they were in Chicago they recorded the video for rheir next single, "Hello!(Good To Be Back)"

The singles released in 2005 were "Suavemente", "Hello! (Good To Be Back)" and "Apache Rocks The Bottom". The album realease in 2005 was "Who's Got The Last Laugh Now".

In March 2006 Scooter started on the first part of their "Who's Got The Last Laugh Now?" Tour covering 16 cites in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Scooter were accompanied on this tour by "Mantas" a heavy metal guitarist from the UK who appeared on stage with them for several tracks including Hello, Panties Wanted, FasterHarderScooter and Fire!. The laser, lights and pyrotechnic effects on this tour were a step beyond that of previous tours. The final concert of the tour, in Hamburg on March 26 was recorded to be released as a DVD. Later in the year Scooter took the tour to Poland, Mongolia, Russia and Finland in the early summer.

In June 2006 the second Scooter DVD, "Excess All Areas" was released, and a live CD of the same name was also released. The DVD not only contained a DVD of most of the Hamburg concert, but also another DVD with the videos of all singles released to date.

On August 14th 2006 it was announced that Jay Frog was leaving the band, and would be replaced by Michael Simon.


The Announcement on

Big changes in the Scooter camp: Jay Frog, who joined the band four years ago replacing Axel Coon as the third member, is leaving the trio to focus on solo projects.
A successor is already in position - Michael Simon, a Hamburg DJ and producer. The 33 year old hit the stage for the first time in the 90s with his successful dance project Shahin & Simon ("Do The Right Thing", "The Rebel") and his connection to Scooter dates back to 1996 when he and Shahin Moshirian remixed "I Am Raving" and "Let Me Be Your Valentine" as well as supporting Scooter on tour. Scooter returned the favour by remixing the Shain & Simon hit single "Do The Right Thing". This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship!
Now Michael Simon is really looking forward to his new role as the third man. "I can not wait to get into the studio with H.P. and Rick and get working on new material". H.P.s wry comment: "I wonder what we have let ourselves in for!"
Everything points to the three musicians having the right chemistry, hence their enthusiasm and optimism with regard to the future of Scooter.

Michael Simon

Michael's first live appearance with Scooter was a few days after he joined the band, in Switzerland on 19th August at when Scooter played at the Tufertschwil Open Air.

The Michael next appeared in Dublin at Scream on 13th September.

Michael & Rick in Dublin

Micheal on Stage in Dublin

(Pictures of Michael from Michael's Myspace - )

In January 2007 the first single of the fourth chapter of Scooter was released, Behind The Cow. The track premiered at The Dome in Dusseldorf on 1st December 2006.

This single is rather unusual for Scooter in that it features 40 seconds of "rap"; at The Dome (and another performance in December) the rap part was performed by "Lincoln". On the final release of the single it is performed by American star Fatman Scoop, the first album of the fourth chapter is called The Ultimate Aural Orgasm, and was released on 9 February 2007, entering the German album charts at position 6.


In March 2007 the second single from The Ultimate Aural Orgasm was release - Lass Uns Tanzen - the bands first single with German lyrics.

It was also announced in March 2007 that Scooter would go on a DJ Club tour around some of the best clubs in Germany and Austria - this tour was known as the "Lass Uns Tanzen Club Tour" :

" Scooter will perform special DJ sets in the best clubs! Michael Simon will be behind the decks, Rick J. Jordan is Godfather of Sound and H.P. Baxxter tops it all as the "INCREDIBLE MC". "

The Lass Uns Tanzen Club tour consisted of 19 gigs between 30th March and 19th May 2007.



In August 2007 the band released a new single "The Question Is What Is The Question", a jump-style track witha video filmed in the Netherlands. The single entered the German top 10,and became the 20th Scooter single to enter the German top 10, making Scooter the most successful German band since the introduction of the German charts in 1956.

In November 2007 Scooter visited Australia for the first time to perform 4 DJ gigs.


Novemeber 2007 saw the release of the single "And No Matches", followed a week later by the album "Jumping All Over The World" . The dates of the 2008 "Jumping All Over The World" tour were also announced in November 2007.

In February 2008 the third single from the album "Jumping All Over The World", the track of the same name was released.


Early in 2008 it was announced that Scooter would be performing in the UK, with the Clubland Live Tour. This lead to them performing at 7 major UK venues in Belfast, Aberdeen, Newcastle, London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow. The video for the single "I'm Lonely" was filmed during the UK Tour.

The success of the UK tour lead to the first UK single release in nearly 4 years, The Question Is What Is The Question.

The band released the Album "Jumping All Over the World" in the UK and it entered the UK charts at No1, knocking Madonna from the top, this gave Scooter their first UK Number 1 album.

Following on from the Clubland Live Tour Scooter started their "Jumping All Over The World" tour, performing 14 concerts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Dates have were released for further performances in Czech, Lithuania, the USA, Russia and Iceland.

On 15th October 2013 it was announced that founding member Rick J. Jordan would be leaving the band in January 2014 after the 20th Anniversary Tour, and his last concert was in Hamburg on 24 January 2014.

Following Rick's departure, it was anounced that Hamburg based Phil Spieser (aka Dirty Disco Youth,( DDY)) would be joining the band.


The Fifth Chapter began with the release of the single "Bigroom Blitz", released May 23, 2014. This was followed in September 2014 by the album The Fifth Chapter (T5C).

In February 2016 the album Ace was released, and in September 2017 the album "Forever" was released.

In 2018 Scooter embarked on their worldwide 25th Anniversary "Wild & Wicked" Tour, playing in many countries around the world, including 4 concerts in Australia in October, which were Phil Spieser's final apperances with the band.

On 13th October 2018 Scooter gave a short performance in Hannover at a Football match; Phil Spieser did not play at the match and was replaced by another guy. This guy, Etnik Zarari, was formally on 26th November, just before the final part of the Anniversary tour commenced. His first concert with the Band was in Helsinki on 18th November, where he was informally introduced by H.P. on stage during the show.


Chapter 6 Announced ......

On 4th March 2019 the much awaited start of Scooter Chapter 6 was announced with Sebastian aka "Nacho" being the new perminent member for Chapter 6, with the release date of the first single of Chapter 6 also being announced, to be released on 5 March 2019.
The announcement on the Scooterofficial Facebook page read:

"POSSE! A very very warm welcome to Sebastian a.k.a. NACHO, our new band member for the sixth chapter! Let’s kick some serious ass!
Big shout out and massive thanks to Etnik for his support throughout our 100% Scooter – 25 Years Wild & Wicked 2018 European Tour! Thank you so much Etnik!"

Aaaaaand: new single incoming … April 5th! Watch out!!


Before Scooter - Celebrate The Nun

Before Scooter Rick and H.P. had already worked together, they formed the Synthpop band Celebrate The Nun, along with Slinn Tompson and H.P.'s sister Britt Maxine in 1987.

Celebrate The Nun released the album "Meanwhile" in 1989., Their first single was "Ordinary Town" which was a minor hit. Their second single "Will You Be There" had much more success and reached number 4 on the USA Billboard-Club-Charts.

In 1990 Slinn left the band, leaving Rick, H.P. and Britt. They released the album "Continuous in 1990. Single releases in 1990 were "She's a Secretary, and "Patience". CTN was later dis-banded.

H.P., Rick and Britt